Market Analytics


Where are Healthcare Markets headed?

How do you quantify the impact of healthcare reform or new market entrants or changing treatment regimens? Is the healthcare market growing, retreating, or flat? The best indicators come from analysis of actual data that is representative of true medical demand. Modus Health provides in-depth data analysis of demand, comparing drug and device usage by diagnosis and specialty for the hard to track specialty infused medications and medical devices. We provide detailed insight you can’t get anywhere else.

Trusted by leading healthcare investment firms for accurate and timely demand updates

Clients use our weekly product level data streams as inputs and checks against their own internal forecasts, as our forecasts balance internal bias with an objective view. Users trust our data to contrast historical estimates against reported quarterly sales. The Modus analytic portal is designed to alert you of changes in demand trends by product. Our datasets provide fingertip access to the most relevant weekly metrics and trends to minimize surprises and spot emerging trends.  We capture data from all healthcare facility channels, insurance payors, and geographies – allowing us to cover a broad supply chain and deliver an accurate picture of the healthcare market only available through Modus Health.

The portal contains numerous performance metrics to assess MedTech, drug, diagnosis, and procedure volumes including dose/unit volume, average price per dose, patients per doctor, and numerous deeper dive templates by treatment. Most importantly, we have a track record of accurately projecting demand with fewer surprises and misses against company reported sales.

How do Market Forecasts work?

Our Market Forecasts are entirely data driven. Through our proprietary data sources, we’re able to deliver real time data streams for hundreds of heavily traded medical devices, specialty infused medications, procedures, and diagnostics. We aggregate raw medical reimbursement data daily to project national demand.

Three to five years of quarterly reported sales history against projected demand are available online dependent upon channel. You get a comprehensive understanding demand by diagnosis, doctor specialty, and procedure.

Market Segmentation

Despite the recent explosion of alternative healthcare data, we know there remains a shortage of actionable information essential to augment marketing initiatives. The Modus platform of analytics provides easy access to the most relevant metrics and trends to exceed your information requirements. Our longitudinal data is organized by diagnosis, demographic, and specialty.

Modus longitudinal market datasets help biotech companies, MedTech companies, venture capital firms, and investment firms alike better understand emerging market opportunities. Our market segmentation dataset is designed to deliver quick insights and answers to biotech, MedTech, hospital, and overall healthcare business development questions.

Market Sizing and Targeting

The optimal physician segment for your brand may not solely be the physicians who reside in the who have the highest decile for prescribing or operating. There are numerous studies and examples indicating quite often that a physician’s decile may not reflect who is most likely to prescribe or use more product. Our physician profiles dataset organizes physicians based on patient type using unique and proprietary characteristics for relevant patient segments.

The physician profiles platform provides the data and metrics to determine:

  • The most likely to prescribe based on comorbidity
  • The most likely to refer based of affiliation
  • The most likely to adopt based on treatment patterns

You can learn more about our tools for market segmentation, sizing, and targeting on our Total Addressable Markets page.