Healthcare Benchmarks

Benchmarking Accountable Care Organizations

With over 80% of total healthcare dollars spent on 20% of the healthcare population, it has become critical for payers to accurately identify the health needs of their members and assign each to the intervention that improves outcomes and reduces expenses. Accountable Care Organizations are facing a growing burden of improving outcomes and the quality of care while reducing costs.

MODUS HEALTH has developed a healthcare benchmark portal to help measure and prioritize the metrics for payers and service providers to focus on. Our benchmarking dataset provides real time benchmarks by facility type and by region against actionable service and quality metrics.

  • Regional share of admissions
  • Percentage of readmissions by diagnosis, by gender, by specialty
  • Average patient Length of Stay (LOS)
  • Share of office visits for new and established by diagnosis and by geography
  • Average number of office visits per physician by diagnosis
  • Population Comorbidity and LOS
  • Population demographics age and gender
  • Longitudinal cost of care by geography

The Modus Geographic Risk Assessment tool uses a rolling 12-month database of proprietary characteristics to stratify risk by zip code and population segment. Our model leverages medical diagnosis, medical procedures, screening frequency in addition to demographic data as inputs to determine cost risk. The chart above is a snapshot of a regional market highlighting risk outliers by county.