Physician Influence Network

Modus Health Segmentation & Targeting Dataset

The MODUS prescriber portal provides the foundation information critical to enhance and maximize sales promotion efforts with more focused and comprehensive prescriber metrics. The MODUS physician dataset integrates prescription data with diagnosis and key prescriber characteristics to enhance the significance of each physician on your target list.

The optimal physician segment for your brand may not solely be the physicians who prescribe the most or the highest decile. There are numerous studies and examples indicating quite often that the physician’s decile may not reflect those physicians most likely to prescribe more of your brand. The MODUS physician dataset helps identify those physicians most likely to prescribe based on the unique and proprietary characteristics of each physician segment.

MODUS provides enhanced analytics to determine:

  • Top prescriber based on patient segment and diagnosis
  • Top prescribers based on affiliation
  • Top prescribers based on comorbidity
  • Top prescribers based on facility type