Independent Market Assessments

Are you Maximizing your Markets?

The Independent Market Assessment (IMA) leverages actual longitudinal data to uncover your true market potential. Establishing an accurate, credible independent assessment of the growth potential of your marketplace impacts:

  • Investors’ willingness to devote capital
  • Company productivity
  • Marketing strategy
  • Company valuation
  • Your ability to conduct analyses
  • Company success

What is an Independent Market Assessment (IMA)?

Modus Health Group’s Independent Market Assessment (IMA) diagnostic is based on our proprietary longitudinal healthcare market.

Each dataset is organized by:




Doctor Specialty

An IMA delivers a comprehensive, data-derived estimate of the possible expansion of your marketplace. Our datasets provide a thorough, all-encompassing view of the entire patient journey, enabling easy identification of patients who may need your product.

Why Modus Health Group?

Our expert team mines longitudinal data to produce credible, data-backed results. Modus Health Group analysts provide product-level forecasting and estimates to many of the top investment firms actively investing in the healthcare industry. Not to mention, our market sizing models are built with HIPAA compliant data to determine your potential market share.

Relying on qualitative sample results alone will limit the validity, dependability, and interpretation of any sizing exercise. In the past, numerous qualitative studies of the same subject have produced significantly different outcomes.

Quantitative methods provide higher validity and reliability as they utilize larger sample sizes and are based on tangible data. Data-derived market sizing through Modus Health Group’s IMA affords you greater transparency to neutralize bias.

Why should I use an Independent Market Assessment?

Think of Modus Health Group’s IMA as a helpful peek into the future. Using Modus Health Group’s IMA will provide you with vital insights into your market including, but not limited to:

  • Patients per doctor specialty
  • Age & gender by diagnosis
  • Diagnosis & treatment share
  • Medication use vs. surgery use by diagnosis
  • Comorbidity & prevalence
  • Out-patient/in-patient status

Data affords a deeper level of market analysis not readily available through qualitative surveys. Greater market transparency realized through data provides more opportunity to uncover potential users of medical services and devices. Market sizing based on longitudinal datasets also fosters a more efficient and timely method to produce a comprehensive profile of the healthcare market that you care about.

Countless hedge funds, investment firms, and companies can benefit tremendously from the validated market share that the IMA can determine. Move past muddy numbers and foggy estimations and enjoy the clarity of Modus Health Group’s Independent Market Assessment.

In the scenario above, a qualitative sample’s limited data has produced inaccurate results that threaten the validity and usefulness of the sizing exercise. The IMA uses tangible data and larger sample sizes to minimize losses and give you a comprehensive understanding of your market, as demonstrated by the red shaded area.

What Can Independent Market Assessment Data Do?

An IMA delivers a comprehensive, data-derived estimate of the possible expansion of your marketplace. Through dependable hard data, you can uncover new patient populations based on at-risk segments for larger markets and greater growth.

Below you can see what IMA data does in a handful of available markets. Rollover / touch the images to view more information.

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