Patient Longitudinal Data

Patient longitudinal data from claims databases provides valuable insights on patient behavior and treatment algorithms actively followed in practice. Our linked de-identified patient level dataset integrates treatment regimens across medical practice, institution and medical specialty. We provide a comprehensive fully integrated view of longitudinal healthcare delivery, cost and usage patterns. This integrated view makes our proprietary datasets perfect for longitudinal studies.

The data is helpful in answering the following questions across numerous indications

  • What is the largest demographic (age / gender / region, etc.)?
  • What is the typical dosage regimen used?
  • Which patient types (characteristics) receive specific treatment?
  • What is the treatment flow for a particular therapy / drug?
  • Which products are losing and gaining prescriptions (and where from)?
  • What are the reasons for a drug switch?
  • Is there a specific group of patients who are less compliant than others?

A few examples of available dataset templates below:

Bipolar Depression by Drug Combination and Gender

Rheumatoid Arthritis by Drug Share

Rheumatoid Arthritis by Drug Share

Patient Drug Share by Secondary indication