Powerful, Comprehensive Healthcare Data Products

One of the greatest hurdles to improving healthcare cost and quality is visibility into the drivers of medical costs and services. Modus Health’s information datasets encompass medical treatments and services from all aspects of the healthcare system. To contribute to this comprehensive view, we draw on public and proprietary sources to project changes in treatment patterns and overall demand.

About Our Data

Modus captures specialty medications administered in a physician’s office or clinical setting, device and test unit volume of MedTech devices, hospital admissions and procedures, and insurance payor volumes.

  • Additional analyses by physician specialty, treatment facility, patient age, gender and region are available.
  • Data from services and procedures are also included in the hospital database.
  • Trends can be analyzed by date and location of the procedure or lab test. Patient information such as admission date, locations of care, discharge date, insurance plan and services rendered are also available on a request basis.
  • All information is HIPAA compliant.


About Our Sources

Our proprietary sources include hospitals, clinics, outpatient offices, dialysis centers, and retail pharmacies. Our ability to encompass the entire prescription supply chain provides an accurate and comprehensive view of the healthcare sector.

  • Complete national geographic coverage captured at the zip code level
  • Comprehensive depth of de-identified patient level information
  • Full integration of all treatments and indications at the patient level
  • Fully integrated infused drug, MedTech device usage, and procedure records at the patient level
  • HIPAA compliant longitudinal datasets by indication available for analysis

Longitudinal Patient Data

Patient longitudinal data from claims databases provides valuable insights on patient behavior and treatment algorithms actively followed in practice. Our linked, de-identified patient level dataset integrates treatment regimens across medical practices, institutions, and medical specialties. We provide a comprehensive, fully-integrated view of longitudinal healthcare delivery, cost, and usage patterns. This integrated view makes our proprietary datasets perfect for longitudinal studies. The data is helpful in answering countless questions across numerous indications such as…

  • What is the largest demographic (age / gender / region, etc.)?
  • What is the typical dosage regimen used?
  • Which patient types (characteristics) receive specific treatment?
  • What is the treatment flow for a particular therapy / drug?
  • Which products are losing and gaining prescriptions (and where from)?
  • What are the reasons for a drug switch?
  • Is there a specific group of patients who are less compliant than others?

Medical Benchmark Data

Medical Cost Benchmarks encompasses disease-specific, national, and regional cost datasets including medication, procedure, and diagnostic costs. Information can be filtered by demographic, physician specialty, and/or or indication. Easily find out what’s driving costs.

  • Patient demographics (geographic region, age, gender)
  • Disease severity, including complications and co-morbidities
  • Ancillary services (diagnostic/laboratory services, surgical procedures)
  • Pharmacotherapy patterns (brands & classes of prescription drugs used)
  • Facility utilization (inpatient admissions, LOS, ER utilization)
  • Payers including Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare
  • Practice patterns of physician specialties who treat specific disease being analyzed
  • Episode cost and resource utilization across the range of patient care services (inpatient, outpatient, ER/urgent care, pharmacy)

Physician Referral Network Data

Leveraging a nationwide database of more than six million healthcare provider profiles, the Physician Referral Management solution tracks referral trends across 75% of all physicians operating in 48 states. The solution gives hospital executives the analytic insights they need to understand primary care referral patterns across inpatient and outpatient services, identify high-volume referral and utilization by specialty and key service area, and spotlight areas where they are losing patients to out-of-network referrals.

Track and analyze physician networks including:

  • Physician Specialty
  • Diagnosis Share
  • Demographic Mix
  • Payer Type

Special Reports and Trackers

  • Specialty Injectable Demand Trackers
  • Product Level Reported Sales Trackers
  • Product Level Sales Guidance Trackers
  • Hospital Inpatient Admissions Trackers
  • Outpatient Screening and Diagnostic Trackers
  • Implantable Device Trackers
  • Macro Market Share Trackers by Indication
  • Physician Specialty Share Trackers
  • Medical Diagnosis Share Trackers
  • Comorbidity Share Trackers
  • Hospital Service Area Outpatient Trackers
  • Specialty Injectable Diagnosis Trackers