Projected Healthcare Data Platform

So, what exactly is Modus Health Group’s Projected Healthcare Data Platform?

Modus Health Group’s Healthcare Data Platform is an online data resource that accurately tracks and projects medical device unit/sales volume, specialty medication dosage/sales volume, hospital admissions, medical procedures, and insurance payor volume for a large amount of highly followed healthcare companies.

Our projected trackers are updated weekly, so you will always have the latest, most precise information available to inform your business decisions. Modus’ Data Platform has been trusted and utilized by many of the largest investors in the healthcare industry for over a decade.

The Data Platform works so well because it utilizes actual samples of patient volume from across the United States to correctly predict healthcare trends and demand growth. Our platform updates in real-time to anticipate the impact of changes in healthcare services and policies. In short, the Modus Data Platform provides valuable, actionable insights that you cannot find elsewhere.

We currently have five datasets available and each dataset shows you current market demand by diagnosis, doctor specialty, and procedure. The available datasets are:

Medical Technology & Diagnostics Companies

Biotech Specialty Medication Companies

Health Care Facilities and Services

Insurance Payers

For a more detailed look at which companies are covered by each dataset, please be sure to visit our Focus Areas page!

Macro Healthcare Services

Special Reports and Trackers also available…

  • Specialty Injectable Demand Trackers
  • MedTech Device Demand Trackers
  • Product Level Reported Sales Trackers
  • Product Level Sales Guidance Trackers
  • Hospital Inpatient Admissions Trackers
  • Outpatient Screening and Diagnostic Trackers
  • Implantable Device Trackers
  • Macro Market Share Trackers by Indication
  • Physician Specialty Share Trackers
  • Medical Diagnosis Share Trackers
  • Comorbidity Share Trackers
  • Hospital Service Area Outpatient Trackers
  • Specialty Injectable Diagnosis Trackers

Create noticeable change at your firm and give your brain some peace knowing that the comprehensive, concrete data you receive from Modus Health Group is the most accurate information available.