We’re All About Tracking Healthcare Data

Anticipate drug and treatment trends with a 360 degree perspective of healthcare markets

Modus Health is a healthcare market research and services firm that helps life sciences organizations, healthcare investment firms and academics explore emerging growth opportunities with accurate datasets to forecast growth, minimize surprises, and keep the information edge.

About Us

Modus Health Group was formed with the vision of providing the most informative and comprehensive healthcare product and service tracking database for market analysis, forecasting, targeting, risk assessment, and research. Our team has deep industry experience helping organizations utilize healthcare trend data to grow sales and optimize organizational performance. Modus Is the emerging choice for healthcare market research data and analysis essential for any professional operating in the healthcare space.

We deliver easy access to real-time healthcare information that leverages technology and actual medical demand across medtech products, specialty injectables, procedures, admissions, and even insurance payers.

Who We Serve

Clients we serve cover every aspect of the healthcare process, from initial investment to product and service delivery. One thing unites them, our highly correlated medtech, specialty medication and hospital services datasets. Our platform provides exclusive insights into future market movements.

MedTech Companies

MedTech companies use our data-derived market assessments to validate the size and growth potential of targeted markets. Our product level demand trackers help companies monitor changes in product market share. Clients use our Journey Maps to spot changes in how their products are utilized.

Biotech and 

Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies come to Modus Health Group to understand the latest changes in the U.S. drug market with longitudinal data. They apply insights gained from our Total Addressable Market Assessments to pinpoint precisely where their therapies are needed most and get the best market advantage over competitors. Total Addressable Market Assessments and Patient Journey Maps provide an unbiased look at the usage of their products across the country and shed light on the current healthcare market environment across the U.S.

BUY-SIDE Investment Firms

Our projected weekly datasets have proven themselves to be must-have forecasting tools for any investor already operating in the healthcare sector or looking to expand a firm’s healthcare portfolio. Our product-level data is entirely HIPAA compliant, updated weekly, and highly correlates with company-reported results and volume.


Brand Marketing Teams

Marketing teams use our analytics data to grow market share and to pinpoint the best areas to target when advertising the latest in medtech, biotech, and therapeutic products.

Marketing teams also utilize our doctor networks to grow brand awareness and brand adoption across physician specialty, practice type and treatment regimen.

Venture Capitalists

Trying to find the next unicorn? Venture capitalists and VC firms utilize our data portal and Total Addressable Market Assessments to get a substantial understanding of the market outlook on a healthcare company before investing. When a product gets to market, our data can help to ensure that it flourishes properly.


Hospitals & Clinics

Our Patient Journey Maps provide a linked view of how patients are diagnosed and treated across physician specialty and medical service. Our maps help pinpoint the largest shifts in medical care by treatment type. The trend data captured in the journey can be leveraged to optimize service utilization and to grow market share within the communities they serve.

Academic Researchers

No need to waste time and grant money tirelessly sampling participants to collect data for a study. Modus Health Group’s on-demand data provides valuable insights for academic researchers currently studying practically any aspect of healthcare.